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Desmond Clark has earned a strong reputation as a former NFL player with the Denver Broncos, Miami Dolphins, and Chicago Bears. Transitioning his leadership skills from the field to various platforms, Desmond is a sought-after speaker, coach, and author. He penned his first book, “Principles of Winning: 5 Keys to Create a Standard of Excellence.”

With “Standards over Feelings” as his mantra, Desmond aims to guide his audience through real-life personal and professional experiences, shedding light on effective leadership, teamwork, and personal/professional development.

Since retiring from football, Desmond has forged an impressive career path as a financial advisor, inspirational speaker, and business coach. In his inaugural year as a full-time advisor with MassMutual Chicago, he ranked in the top 5 for assets accumulated in 2017, marking the beginning of his entrepreneurial journey.

As a professional speaker, Desmond has addressed and consulted for esteemed companies, associations, and schools nationwide, including Fortune 500 healthcare giant Baxter, Chicago United, the IL Diversity Council, Loan Depot, National General Insurance, Wyndham Destinations, Echo Global Logistics, and the American Cancer Society, among others. He has made appearances on major network TV and radio stations such as ABC, Fox, CBS, NBC, WGN, and ESPN, showcasing his expertise as a thought leader, author, speaker, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and coach.

“After 12 years of being a professional athlete and transitioning into the business world under high-level tutelage, I developed the mindset and the skillset needed to elevate not only myself but also others to extraordinary success. I have the game plan to help you keep ‘Winning the Day’ while building up those who look to you to set the tempo for them daily.”


  • Greatness With Us
  • Success Demands Persevering Through Adversity
  • Principles Of Winning
  • Next Level Leadership


Booking Desmond for speaking engagements or coaching services for your business, corporation, government/civic organization, university/college, sports team, non-profit, or professional association means partnering with a seasoned keynote speaker to enhance performance, drive sales growth, and instill a winning mindset and professional standards. Collaborating with Desmond allows you to shape the narrative of your group and equip them with invaluable tools for success.


To support non-profit organizations and other qualifying entities, Desmond is open to trades and sponsored deals in exchange for speaking engagements. These arrangements may involve book purchases for speaking events, sponsored social media promotions in return for virtual events, and more. All trade and sponsored deals must meet specific criteria to be considered.

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