My Journey from Struggle to Success.

Beyond the Broken: Finding Strength in Unexpected Places

For 2-3 years starting at the age of 12, I used to light my father’s crack pipe for him. He was blind, having lost his sight from being shot in the face with a shotgun after a drug-induced argument with another addict. He spent time in prison for drug and similarly related offenses. When he was gone, my mother held her position for my brothers and me as our stabilizing force—a rock—the thing water flowed around, and sometimes over, but never moved and never drowned.

I learned to play sports because I believed my choices were either playing on teams or playing in the streets. My mother knew which way I should be headed and did everything she could to get me on that trajectory. Others in the community stepped up as well, including coaches who were willing to sponsor me for associated fees, long before anyone had any expectation that I might be able to go into the NFL. This is what I learned:

“Even though nobody is coming to save you, everybody needs good, stable teammates.”

Building a Winning Team in Business

Now in my forties, I’ve had a blessed, beautiful life. I am a proud husband and father—first and foremost—and also a former NFL athlete who had the honor of a 12-year career, including statistically becoming the second-highest-rated TE in Chicago Bears history. I speak and consult in businesses.

I’ve been surrounded by rock-solid teammates and coaches in every aspect of my life—people who stayed stable and allowed me to have stability, regardless of the tide. Thank you, Mom.

The Missing Link in Business: Why Character Matters More Than Strategy

When I work in business, I find that this is often the missing link. Business, at times, is too abstract—full of tasks and ideas but not real outcomes. One thinks they need a sales funnel, or a new product, or a new manager, or a new team, or a new…

In reality, often, we need simpler answers and harder questions:

When we say we’re going to do something, do we have the character and clarity to do it?

There are myriad reasons why we do, and myriad reasons why we don’t. And if we understand the process of those differentiations, we understand the power that is available for us to choose and to accomplish.

My story isn’t just about overcoming hardship, but about the power of choosing stability. It’s how a child surrounded by adversity can find success, and how businesses can transform into high-performing cultures. Character is the foundation for results.

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