Greatness is a Process

Fear of failure shows itself in a lack of discipline of vision.

The purpose of a goal post is widely misunderstood. I’ve had several: to be an NFL athlete, to be a regular, to be a Pro Bowler. After the NFL, to start a business, to earn a certain amount of revenue, to hire…

Studies show that people are most likely to quit when they achieve something, or when they think something is unachievable.
To me, this means, we don’t like to think of our lives the way we actually live them. We are not defined by our accomplishments or failures, we are defined, primarily, by our ability to grow despite both.

Quitting, perhaps, means we prefer to identify as either successful or a failure—but they’re both false concepts.

Goals are mile-markers, not victories.

Therefore, if you’re well off one of your mile-markers– no problem– think of three mile-markers you need between where you are and the one you set. But don’t quit. You haven’t failed, and here, in front of you, is an opportunity to grow.

Our lives are not defined by the goals we hit; our lives are defined by being the people who grew enough, and cared enough, to hit them.

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